Introducing Laser Products LT55 2D3D
Posted on Nov, 26
StoneCorp USA is one of the fastest growing and expanding stone shops in the Tri-State area. With work ranging from hotel remodels to pent house stone work in the heart of New York City we are constantly investing in new materials and technology to help our brand expand. We are proud to introduce our newest addition to the StoneCorp USA arsenal of technology and tools. The Laser Products Industries LT55 2D3D machine allows us to measure kitchen, wall panels, undermounted bathtubs, saddles and anything in between. No area is missed and the precision of this machine is unmatched when operated by skilled technicians. The laser allows us to measure with precision and accuracy which allows us to stand out from the simple granite tops fabricators. StoneCorp specializes in intricate work - this is why we are the choice of professionals.
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